Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lunch at Kemmel and Lisa's

Today, all of the HTI workers in the highlands were invited to have lunch at Lisa and Kemmel's house. Everyone was allowed to bring their immediate families.........but then you have to define immediate families.........but everything was great and it was obvious that everyone enjoyed the day.

Josefina gets a card memory game started and her mom helps out. Tomas' wife is in the gold blouse to the left and their oldest son is next to her. He just finished a two-year evangelism program in the city.

Kemmel, Lisa and Josefina's dad, Diego, are flippin' the burgers. Manuel's wife, Juana, is in the background.

Tomas and Juana waiting for lunch to be served.

Maury and Aura enjoy lunch under the tree. Aura has competed her first year of dental school in the city.

After lunch, the hammocks went up for people to rest in. We needed a rest after hamburgers, corn dogs, chips, salad, pineapple and ice cream!

Marcos and one of Manuel's daughters take advantage of a hammock.

Then the hammocks came down and the games began!

After the guys, the girls got their turn. The five gallon plastic buckets that you see in the photos are placed in the yard to protect small plants from getting kicked and ran over during the games. There is one that I am not sure if it survived or not :(

There were 35 people present and a day full of activities. Kemmel thanked everyone for being there and the support that they are to Health Talents. We had a good year together and look forward to even a better year in 2011!

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