Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Clinic in Xepol

Today the guys and I headed to Xepol. We knew that there were a lot of activities going on but we really expected to have more patients than we did. We saw four patients.

One of my favorite patients came today, Victor. He has been coming to clinic now for about 7 months. His mother brought him because he has seizures and a behavioral problem. He just likes to hit people.

Because of his problems, he is unable to attend school but would like to. I am not sure if we will ever get him into school because he does not have the support he needs. His father drinks heavy and is not a good role model.

His mother brought him again today and told us that Victor only had 2 seizures this month. Before, he had as least one seizure a day. She also told us that he is getting along better with people and is not in as many fights. He is a little more social at clinic but is still very quiet.

Today, I gave Victor a NC ball cap. I am hoping it will help remind him to take his medicine.
I also talked to his mom about helping him remember his medicine. Apparently, if he forgets to take it, she also forgets.

Small steps.........but steps in the right direction.

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Mom said...

The hat looks great Sheri!!!!!!