Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Trip to the coast after clinic

Today, Gaspar, Juan and I went to the coast after clinic. We will have a meeting for two days with all of the Health Talent workers.

Our clinic was in Chuguexa and we had 12 patients. Most of them were diabetics and somewhat controlled. I would like their blood sugars a little lower so we will continue to work on that.

The excitement of the day............and also continued into the night were accidents on the highway. The guys and I saw two and we were thankful to get to Clinica Ezell safe.

The second was the worse one by far. When it happened, the flying dust and debris stopped all traffic and we had to wait for the cloud of dust to settle before we would see what had happened.
It included two huge trailer trucks and one car. Everyone was ok except the passenger of one trucks. The driver left the scene........he was GONE!

The police arrived in about 20 minutes and then we took off.........there was nothing we could do and it was obvious the police felt the same. They stood and watched as cars started passing in a situation very dangerous, young people were looting out of the trucks, people were jumping up in the truck to see the gentleman that had died.........the situation was terrible.

Because no one took control nor organized anything, the accident stopped traffic for hours. Josefina's truck, Lisa, Kemmel and Marcos were all several hours late. Lisa, Kemmel and Marcos arrived 6-8 hours later than they should have.

Accidents are a very difficult situation here. The police do not have authority, take control nor are there ambulances available with the needed equipment or trained personnel.

When the guys and I arrived, Carlos and Dante were waiting for us. Dante is four months old!

When Josefina's team arrived......we were thankful but still waiting for Kemmel, Lisa and Marcos. Josefina went home with her brother, David. The guys wanted to eat so we loaded two trucks and went to Chicacao for chicken. The Dunhams had pizza for us did not know when they would arrive.

The best part is that everyone finally did arrive and as I said, we were very thankful!!

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