Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Poco pacientes en Mactzul I

This morning Gaspar called and told me that I may have problems in an area called Chintinimit. They are working on the road and he heard it is closed. My neighbor told me the same thing as I gave her a ride to the market in Chichi. I was lucky and did not have problems but think more people will be working this afternoon.

I met Gaspar without any problems but when we were waiting for Juan, he called. He said that no trucks were running and asked if we could go and get him. Sure! He has heard that the trucks will not be running for 1-3 months due to the road situation. We will see what happens.

When we arrived in Mactzul I, we did not have any patients. I was sad. We mounted the speakers and encouraged people to attend the clinic.

The first two patients that finally arrived were Cristofer and Ismeal. They are four month old twins! One has a bracelet around his wrist so they can tell who is who!

We had 6 medical patents and 6 dental patients.

This little guy was being toted around all morning and all he wanted to do was to be left alone so he could enjoy his thumb........but no, his family would not let him!!

These children came to entertain me when we did not have any more patients.

That was it for the day. We enjoyed lunch....waited for a few more patients but none arrived.

Tomorrow, the guys and I will go to Chuguexa. After clinic, we will head to the coast for 2 days.

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