Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ABC Nutrition and Ladies Bible Class

Maury and I left Chichi this morning to go to Mactzul VI for an ABC Nutrition Class. Maury had not seen the material so we talked about it as we were driving. This photo is of the students in the ABC Program.

This is a photo of the parents and the children. Some of the parents are standing on a bench.......Guatemalans are not that tall!! There were some that did not want to be in the photo but there were 70-75 people in attendance.

Before we started the class, I asked if anyone could give me an example of a food that was a protein. I had a few responses but they were in another category of food. For me this is the exciting part.

After we have studied the three classes of food, the students get a photo of a food and they tell the parents what class it is. It is exciting to see the change and how they now can respond to questions.

The Church was very nice and provided lunch for Maury and I. As we ate, the leaders of the ABC program had a meeting with the parents.

After lunch, we went to Chichi to finish a Ladies Bible class that we started a few months ago. We were finished in about three hours and then it was time to head home.

It was a fun and exciting day. Tomorrow will be another adventure!! Juan and I will go to Mactzul I for another ABC Nutritional Class.

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Karen said...

It's late but I wanted to check on you and my Guate friends! I recently began supporting an ABC child...am too lazy right now to get out of bed and see where he is from so I could figure out if you may have had him and his family in your classes. I will check tomorrow and then try to commit his home town to memory - if I remember! I am thankful to you for the work you are doing!!