Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ABC Nutritional Class in Mactzul I

We are continuing to take the ABC Nutritional Class from community to community. Today it was Mactzul I's turn. As Juan and I got closer to the church building we picked up people in the road that were walking. Later, I talked to Lisa and she said this morning she saw several families walking to the class and they looked excited!

I have enjoyed working with each of the promoters that have helped with the class. Today, Juan did a fantastic job. Unfortunately, my K'iche' is pretty pathetic so for each class one of the promoters help me. But this is good..........because in the future, they will be the ones to give the class.

Mactzul I participated today and really showed an interest in the material They had a lot of questions and also encouraged the children to participate. There are 44 children in the program. I was told that over 105 attended the class. Some people, who do not have children in the program, attended the classes because they wanted to hear the information. It was a fun day!

These are the students in the ABC Program in Mactzul I.

After class, Juan and I were invited to have lunch with some of the members of the congregation. We had soup, tortillas and coke.

I want to give an update on three other blogs I have done.

First, in September, we saw a little girl here in Mactzul. Her name is Paulina and she had a severe infection in her hand. I was not sure how her hand would heal. I saw her today and her hand looks wonderful. The whole area of her palm is totally healed. I am so thankful!

Second, in October, I told the story about Jessica. She was the little girl that we thought had meningitis and died. Today, Lisa called me and said that her father has called Gaspar and wants Gaspar to come and talk to him about the gospel. It is a very tragic story for the family but maybe it is causing the parents to think about their relationship with God.

Third, when the last group was here we made a house-call to a lady who had fallen. Dr. Jim, Barbara, Kristin and I drove to a home near a school. The lady was in severe pain and unable to walk. We left her some medicine with the hope that it would help her feel better. I heard last night that she is feeling much better. She is still unable to walk but her grandson said she is not suffering as she was.

Tomorrow is another day and another adventure..........I will be in Lemoa with Lisa and the promoters and Kemmel will be trying to keep us all straight!!

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