Thursday, November 18, 2010

Clinic in Lemoa

Today was a hopping clinic in Lemoa and it was a good one. It seems that many things always happen during the day and I never can remember all of them to tell you......but this was a funny moment.

I was talking to a patient and he was chewing gum. I guess that he decided that he had chewed it long enough so he stood up, took it out of his mouth and aimed for the trash can. Well, it did not hit the trash can and he realized that it had fallen inside my backpack! We spent a few minutes trying to fish it out but the key is, we found it!

OK, back to the important stuff..........we had 27 medical patients in clinic today. We had several diabetics and a few of them had brought their blood sugar from over 500 to less than 200. I think that is exciting. I saw the first patient I have seen here that has Parkinson's Disease.

We had another baby come to the clinic today that hopes to have his lip repaired in February. His name is Abner and here he is 4 months old. He is already weighing at 12 pounds so we will see what his labs are.

Abner was smiling when he first arrived but he thought I was taking too long to complete the paper work so he got fussy. Here, mom tries to comfort him with the "famous head rub."

We have had some rain the last few days and even tonight. It is odd but then again, there is another storm going over Guatemala and Belize.

Tomorrow, we have a ABC Nutrition Class in Mactzul V. We are expecting a large group of children and parents!

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