Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mactzul me a fire, please!!

After breakfast, some of us went to Mactzul V for clinic. It was a good clinic but a very cold one.

When we arrived, they had not put down the pine needles so we had that opportunity to help. Here Josefina and Barbara place the pine needles on the dirt floor.

Miriam and Katie also take part in the activity.

We had two separate areas for dental and medical consults. This is the first time we have had clinic in the new church building.

We saw 22 medical patients, 66 dental patients and 5 patients for dental cleaning.

Have I mentioned that it was a cold day??? Well, we found out that wearing face masks helped retain our body heat.

Here David and Linda try to stay warm as they clean the dental equipment.

Velveth works with a patient as Danny is running to stay warm. Go, Danny, Go!!!!

Tomas' wife was very kind and built us a fire. Well, really it was for everyone. People huddled around the fire until it was their turn to be seen by the dentist. Tomas's wife is to the left of Josefina. Rosa had either fallen asleep or is thinking, "Sheri is NEVER going to learn K'iche'!!"

It was a good day but we were ready to get back to have coffee or tea by the fire in Santo Tomas Hotel.

This ends the clinic days for the team. Tomorrow, we will worship together in the hotel, enjoy some shopping and then they will return to Guatemala City for the night. We pray that they will have safe travels and want to return to Guatemala in the future.

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