Thursday, November 11, 2010

ABC Nutritional Class in Paxot II

This morning I headed out to Paxot II for their ABC Nutritional Class. There were about 70 people there and it was an exciting time. Manuel translated into K'iche' for me.

They wanted the class in the room that we usually use for dental so it was a little crowded but it worked. They seemed to be very interested and asked a lot of questions. Several people took notes and it worked to their advantage for the exercise after the class.

All of the children got in a line and had a photo of a different food. They had to tell the adults what class of food it was.

One of the gentleman wanted to give a synopsis of the class and it was very good. This let me know that the main concepts of the class were understood. We are really trying to increase protein in the diet and help people be more aware of a balanced diet.

These are the ABC Students in Paxot II.

These are the children with their parents.

The children took turns playing soccer on the roof before we went to lunch. The girls got to play for 15 minutes and then the boys had their turn. When the plastic ball was kicked off the roof, another one was waiting to be used.

So, how do you know if your students remember the material of the class???
1. When one student misses the soccer ball and the others yell at him saying, "Your diet lacks protein!!"
2. When you are eating soup that has pasta in it and the little boy next to you says, "Sheri, you are eating a carbohydrate!!"
3. When you are putting lime in your soup and the lady of the house says, "Sheri, lime is a fruit! Right??"

The classes are fun and eventually our health promoters will be giving the classes and teaching others to give them. It is a slow progress but it will work. The next class will be in Mactzul V and Tomas will be helping me that day.

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