Friday, November 5, 2010

Clinic in Paxot II....... and ABC Child

This morning we had breakfast at the hotel and then broke up into groups for different clinics. Our group went to Paxot II and let me tell was a cold, cold day.

Shana spent time with the children. She had coloring books and different things for occupying the children. This is one of the first children and by the end of the day, all of the materials were used.

This is the dental area for the day. Do you know these people behind the masks. Well, first is Dave, then Linda and Barbara. Barbara assisted her husband, Jim, who is a dentist while Dave and Linda kept clean instruments available.

Dave and Linda were invited to have lunch with their ABC Child. I was able to hang out with them and it was a fun time. When we stopped for lunch, we walked down the road, through the corn field, past some adobe houses, through some gardens and then arrived at the house.

This is Dave and Linda with their ABC child, Manuela. The family bought Dave a special shirt and made Linda a hand-bag to carry. It is times like this that are very special. Through the kindness of Dave and Linda, Manuela will have the opportunity to remain in school, receive dental and medical care, receive school supplies and the family will also receive basic food needs. The church has the responsibility to assure that Manuela remains in school and is active in church.

Dave hoisted up Manuela's brother on his shoulders and you can tell by that grin, he loved it!

Shana wanted a photo with the name of the community. This is a photo of Shana, a nurse and Mark, who is our chaplain this week.

This little boy helped us close up shop for the day.

Today, we saw a patient that had several problems. We talked about different things and when we finished, I asked her if she attended church anywhere. She started giggling and I could tell she was embarrassed. Then she finally told us, "No." I started talking to her about the church in Paxot and then Tomas also started talking to her. I think there is a good chance that she will return to visit the congregation here. She is looking for something and knows that the church can pray for her.

This is what the ministry is all about. People have needs, no matter where they are and no matter how old they are. Things have not changed. The needs are the same today as they were in the Bible days. People are lost, sick and lonely and they are looking for healing and salvation. It is only Christ that can provide the hope and comfort that we need.

It was a good clinic of 25 medical patients and 58 dental patients. We drove back to Chichi without any problems and we are always appreciative of that.

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