Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday surgeries..............

OK, it is another day for surgery! All of the patients and parents are ready.........

Juan Martin and his dad sleeping early in the morning. Juan Martin has not been happy at all this trip. I know that he misses his mom and he is very hot here at the coast. I think that he is sleeping from exhaustion.

Bartolo in the morning of his surgery.

Bartolo and his dad waiting for Bartolo's surgery. I sat with his dad during the surgery. I have been sitting with the parents during the surguries. We have prayed together and talked about the reponsibilities of being a parent. Parents have the respnsibility of teaching their children about God. We also talk about what they can expect after surgery.

Just minutes after Bartolo returns to the recovery room.

Bartolo continuing to sleep after surgery.

This is Roy and Susan taking a quick break between cases.

Marvin Wilfredo when he returned from surgery.

Marvin a few minutes before he returned to his regular bed.

This is Sergio and his mom before surgery. I love her smile and she is a really nice lady. This family is very special. After Sergio's last clinic with us they asked us to have a clinic in their community. It went very well and we are hoping to return again in the future.

Sergio just a few minutes after he came out of surgery.

Sergio's dad looks so tired.

Abner and his mom. He had surgery yesterday and he looks great! He is a very content baby.

It was a great day! Tomorrow, Katy and I will return to Chichi. She will visit with us for a few days and then she will fly home. Please continue to pray for the babies and for our safe travels.

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