Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines


The last few days have been very busy but they have been good!

On Sunday morning, Katy and I went to Antigua. We arrived just in time as the class began. It was good to see everyone again.....Glenn, Neva, Phillip and Marjorie. After class, Phillip and Marjorie returned to the hotel and the rest of us headed out for lunch. Along the way we met a friend, Mary, and she joined us for lunch.

We all ordered something different and then sampled each other's plate. It was fun and would go back there to order everything again! The food was wonderful and the restaurant's name is Epicure.

After lunch, Katy and I walked around Antigua until it was ready to check in. We went out later for a coffee and a slice of apple strudel. It was very good.

When we returned for the night, I joked about watching Law and Order, SVU........well, there were two episodes! We spent the night reading and watching Law and Order!

Katy and the group traveled this morning to the airport for their return flight. We trust that they will have safe travels.

Happy Birthday, Kemmel!! I hope that you and Lisa are having a fun day!!

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