Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our clinic progresses!

Today, we went to Xepol and set a record!

I met Juan, Gaspar in Chichi and we drove to Xepol. The roads were good because we have not had any rain but there are deep tire ruts remaining due to previous rain and mud. We still have a couple of months before we will have to think about the rains but they are coming.

As we saw the people walking out of Xepol, we remembered that today is Our Family Progresses. Today, is the day that the mothers and other members of the family walk to a designated area to receive money for keeping their young children in school. It is a good program for the community but usually it means we have 4-5 patients.

Well, we don't know what happened today but we set a record in Xepol! When we first arrived, we had 2 patients already waiting for us. Due to past experiences, I thought that this might be the only two we have for the day. I was wrong..........they kept filing in!

Tomas, the gentleman that usually translates for me was not there. It was only the three of us but we managed :) Juan and Gaspar would take turns helping me and then when we had a Spanish-speaking patient, they would run back up and do their other job.

Please pray for one little boy, who may have a serious illness. Pray that the mother will go for the lab-work and return to Lemoa. Gaspar is going to call Tomas today and let him know of the situation so he will be able to encourage the mother.

We finished the clinic after seeing 24 patients! It was an exciting day. We had many new patients and we want to see this continue.

Yes, Victor came today and he liked his photo of him and his NC ball cap. Last month he had 4 seizures but his mother is very excited and said they were weak. He only hit someone once this month. I know, once is not good but when it use to be a fight every day, this is progress. We talked about how to handle the situation when someone hits you first.

It was a good day............patients came to clinic, many were not Christians so I hope that something was said to cause them to think of their relationship with Christ and we had safe travels! Who could ask for more??

Our family, hmmmmmm, Our Clininc Progresses!

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