Monday, February 7, 2011

Let the surgeries continue!!

This morning, I went through the unit seeing everyone. This is Sergio, early this morning. His dad had placed all of his toys around him and he was very content.

One of the ladies waiting for her surgery.

Abner, in the arms of his mom just minutes after he came our of the operating room.

Juan Martin's uncle sitting as Juan martin waits for his surgery.

Juan Martin finally fell asleep right before he went to the OR in the arms of his dad. He has cried most of the time since he got here but I think it is because he misses his mom.

Julie playing with a baby that will have surgery tomorrow.

Marvin Wilfredro is all smiles as he was getting ready to take a nap. He usually is a very content baby. He will have his surgery tomorrow and we trust he will do well.

So, two of the babies had surgery today and the other three will have surgery tomorrow. All of the patients did well and we are so thankful for that.

Let us pray that everyone will do well through the night and that the surgeries will be equally as successful tomorrow.

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