Saturday, February 12, 2011

Time in Panajachel

Katy and I left Chichi today around 0900, after we stopped for a quick breakfast. We really confused the poor waiter as we ordered our coffee first while we looked over the menu. Since our breakfast included coffee, he brought us two cups of coffee. We enjoyed them!!

The drive to Pana was uneventful. They let us in our room after they finished the last touches of cleaning.

After we put our things away, we headed to the nature resort. The parking lot was totally empty, which concerned us. Why was no one here? When we entered the resort, there was a friendly man at the desk who asked us to sign a form that released them from all responsibility for our health, well-being and life. Hmmmmmm..........

We left the office and waited for the guides to come and get us. There was a back-board on display which really eased our minds in case we had a injury.

Katy and I geared up and ready to go zzzzzzzzzzzzip-lining!!!

We climbed up to the first cable and received our instructions from Oscar and Luis. Luis had the hots for Katy!!! By cable 6 of the 8 he was ready to propose!

Katy coming in for the landing. Whhhhhhhooooooooooooooooohhhhooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

I come in for a safe landing! The lines are long and the view is I have been told!! ha ha ha! I was not looking at the lake or volcanoes, I was waiting for the red flag to be waved so I would know when to start braking.

After we finished........with no serious injuries...........we went back to the hotel. We grabbed what we needed and went to the lake for dinner. During dinner, it started raining.......and raining hard.

We ate a small dinner, looking forward to dessert and a good cup of coffee. We waited until the monsoon came to an end and then went to a really good place called Los Mundos.

On Saturday, after breakfast we sat by the pool. The birds also enjoyed the pool and we relaxed in the sun. Later to find we had a rosy glow since we did not use any sun screen

Katy reading on the porch before we left.

After we returned the key of the hotel we saw this little girl being pushed around in a wheelbarrow.

On the drive back, we stopped to take photos of the lake.

We also stopped to buy a dozen of calla lilies..........want to guess the price?????? Yes, for only one dollar, folks!! Don't you wish you were here with us??

We had dinner with Lisa and Kemmel...............................Happy Birthday, Kemmel! We hope that you guys have a few great days and safe travels.

Tomorrow, Katy and I will travel to Antigua...............her time is coming to an end and I am sad.


Mom said...

I'm sorry to see Katy leave too Sheri!!!! Beautiful pictures and great blog!!!! Love ya!!!!!!!!!

Ben said...

Hi Sheri, I *stole* your picture of the lake for my desktop. How beautiful! I might have to talk Anita into a Guatemala trip!