Sunday, February 6, 2011

Settling in.....

This is Bartolo. He arrived yesterday in the late afternoon. He will have surgery on his lip this week.

Four of the children will need to wait on surgery and the parents were very sad after hearing this but they were encouraged to return at another time. Yes, it is sad for the parents but it is better to wait if that is in the best interest of the chid.

In the everning, we had a short devotional and Roy talked someone that is missed very much here at Clinica Ezell. Bill died last year and it was sad news for all of us. He has been coming to Guatemala for many years with his son Phillip and wife, Margorie.

Phillip and his mom enjoying hearing about the work of their dad and husband.

Roy showing the placque that will be hung in the sterilization room, that has been dedicated to Bill

Phillip thanking everyone for their thoughts, prayers, calls and visit during this difficult time.

After checking on the patients, it was time to get some rest.........stay tuned for a busy week!

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