Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Clinic in Mactzul I

Gaspar, Juan and I went to Mactzul I today and all went well. As we were getting ready to begin clinic, I was told there was a sick man in the back of a truck. We went to see him and the family told us that he has been sick for 20 days. I asked the family to please take him to Santa Cruz. They told us that they would and that they would call us later.

Then next we saw a lady that comes to clinic with chronic respiratory problems. I gave her a respiratory treatment and she was doing better.

It was a small clinic with 6 patients. After clinics, there was a young girl there who comes and hangs out with us from time to time. She is unable to speak but as I started singing, she would hum along with me.

I stopped by the K'iche' school again but they were closed. I will stop there again tomorrow.

I needed more propane for my dryer. I stopped by the office and he said he would be glad to deliver it in about 15 minutes. How could it be better than this?

Things are good. Tomorrow, the guys and I will go to Chuguexa. I hope that we have several patients tomorrow.

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