Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back in Chichi.......

Katy and I said our goodbyes and headed for Chichi this morning. On the road, we met Quinton and Anne who were going to Clinica Ezell. It was good go see them and Danny.

There are a few photos that I want to share with you from the week. It was a week full of busy surgery but the group found time to walk patients and entertain each other. The group singing and involving patients. Susan, getting the patients moving in the right direction............

and Margorie did not miss a beat!!

This is a group of the people that cared for the patients this week......Julie, Rita, Nancy, Laura and Linda. It was good to see all of them again! Julie will be down in a few weeks with students!Linda, thank you for the DDP! :)

This is Dante and he is really growing! He is an adorable boy who is very, very content. Carlos is behind him trying to get him to laugh...............maybe we will get that photo the next visit :)

Rita spent a lot of time this week with patients. She would brush their hair and polish their nails. This lady had her nails polished and is displaying them for us.

Ok, Dr. Katy Farrell!! Katy asked a tuk-tuk driver if she could drive his tuk-tuk and he said yes. So, she drove it around the community, knowing very well that this has been a dream of mine for many cool is that!!

After we arrived in Chichi, Katy and I for an early dinner. As we sat at the table talking and relaxing, we felt something brushing our legs that caused us to jump! Some little kid was running under the length of the table!

Tomorrow, we will do clinic in will be a good day and we are so thankful for the safe travel today.

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