Friday, February 4, 2011

Clinics in Paxot II

Today, we all headed to Paxot II for a regular clinic and also a ABC Clinic. It was a busy day but that is ok........many patients were seen and we hope that many will think more about their relationship with Christ because of it.

Kemmel and Lisa picked me up, we got Maury and then we were out for the drive. Lisa and I spent a lot of time talking about the little boy that we saw in Xepol. Again, I ask that you pray for this mother and that she will return with lab work and for another consult. With each situation like this, I learn more and I just hope this little boy is ok

We set up clinic and began seeing patients. Lisa started with the regular patients and I started seeing the ABC children. It seemed that we had just started when they called us to the kitchen for our mid-morning atole and bread. I was especially excited about it because we were able to stand in the kitchen next to the fire.

They had already started cooking lunch, which I could see was going to consist of chicken. I always have enjoyed spending time in the Paxot II kitchen.

These children were ready for the camera when it came out of the back pack. I can really see the children have grown and have changed since I have been here. They are really growing up!! If I am remembering right, Sarah is to the far left and she is Manuel's daughter. I remember when she was born and being carried on Juana's back.

The camera always attracts more children.

This is Manuel and it is his first year to be in the ABC Program. He just received his sponsors and they are Don and Jessie from Morganton, NC. Thank you, Don and Jessie!

This is Manuel with his family.

After we finished lunch, Lisa went to do visit a patient in her home. The lady was diagnosed with cervical cancer and probably has developed some metastasis. It is a sad situation so let's pray for her and her husband.

We ended the day with 12 non-ABC patients and 47 ABC patients. The children are growing and doing well. I think only 3-4 did not pass their classes last year but they can do it this year!

Tomorrow, I am headed to the coast for the week of plastic surgery. I will be following 2 vans down and we pray that we will have safe travel. Please stay posted for photos and stories of the children. I will return to Chichi on Wednesday with Katy. She will spend a few days here in the highlands with us. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

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Mom said...

Great pictures Sheri!!!! Jessie and Don will be very pleased to see their ABC child! Thank you!!!