Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Reading Class in Chichi

This morning, we had our usual 0700 breakfast at the hotel and then met in the parking lot to get our directions.  While some people went to Saquilla with Lisa, some of us walked to the Chichi Church of Christ for an educational day.  The group from Eastside Church of Christ brought materials to teach mothers how to better assist their children with reading.

Gathering in the parking lot, waiting to hear directions from Kemmel.

More members of the Eastside congregation.

Making sure what we know what we need to do.

We walked to the church and set up.  I was not here yesterday so the activities are new to me.  We separated four suitcases of books into different categories and by level of reading. There were twenty minutes before we started so the mothers could look at the books with their children before the class began.

We got back into one group and a story was read about the Holy Spirit and Manuel translated it into Spanish and some K'iche'.

This was the second story that was read.

Mothers continue to learn that they can help their child without actually being able to read themselves. They can see from the photos what might be going on in the story so they can ask questions about how the story began, what happened next and how it ended to stimulate reading comprehension. Many children and adults can read words but understanding the vocabulary is something different.

These are all of the people that helped the day be a success.

In the afternoon, we did the same program but with the older children.

Groups of children and parents learning to have better reading comprehension.

One young man reads to his mom and she really listened to him!

In the afternoon, Mauri brought her baby over so I could meet him..........his name is Alejandrito.  She wanted to take some photos so we went for it............

Mauri and Alejandrito.

Then one more with all of us.

It was a really good day and you could tell the mothers really appreciated the work that went into the class.  Most mothers have not had the opportunity that their children are now having to study.  They feel at a loss since they do not know how to help them suceed in school. Maybe after today, they will have some self-confidence and know that they are able to contribute to their children's education.

Thank you, Eastside Church of Christ for caring about our ABC families and their future!

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Mom said...

What a wonderful blog,Sheri!!!!! I love the pic. but the story is such a blessing!!!!!!!! It's hard to imagine people in this day and age not being able to read. So very sad!!!!! You must have seen some faces light up!!!!! So many people can read God's word and obey it and they won't.