Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ready to Return Home!

Well, it is time to wind things has been a busy week but everything has gone smooth.  About 60 people came together, went through a quick orientation and then rolled on! I do not have a final count on the number of surgeries but I would estimate about 70 cases were done. 

Tina and Michele reviewing a chart. I had never met Tina before but some of the people that were here with Eastside Church of Christ told me to be watching for her.  It was good meeting both Tina and Michele and I hope that they will return for future clinics.

When we have shift change, it can be very busy since there are the US staff and also the Guatemalan Staff rounding on patients.

So, remaining are six children looking forward to returning to their cool climate.  Hilda and her mom are ready!!  Thanks again to Jessie and Don for sponsoring Hilda.

Javier is exhausted and I think his mother is too.  Thanks to Ginny and Jack for sponsoring this surgery!

Jefferson has brushed his teeth and he is ready for the van to arrive.  Thanks to Susan and Lyn for helping Jefferson.  Susan has been down several times but Lyn was with her for the first time.  Lyn, hope to see you next year!

Milton is still not sure if he likes this place or not.......Doris and Beverly, thank you for sponsoring this surgery.  The family is very thankful!

Sheila must know she is going home soon.  It is the first time that she has not screamed when she saw me.  We will see how the return visit on August 21st goes.  Angie, thank you for helping with this surgery.

Victor is finally reunited with his mom.  She has had a little down time this week as the nursing staff has tried to find a way to take Victor home with them!  Many thanks to the Mt. Vernon High School Spanish Class for supporting Victor's surgery.

Every night in our devotional time, we pray for each patient by name. For me, it is very humbling because we know that the creator of the universe cares for each patient and knows them by name.  Patients are not a number on a chart or a statistic to Him...........but He intimately knows and cares for each one. Please continue to pray for the patients as they continue to heal.

Also pray for the team as they will travel to Antigua on Friday and then fly back to The States on Saturday.......that they will enjoy their last few hours relaxing after a busy week, that they will find their families well and that they will be planning their next trip to Guatemala.  There is a lot of work to be done and we can not do it without them.  Thank you Rick and every team member!

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