Monday, August 7, 2017

And The Surgeries Continue............

The morning began early, knowing that there were 18 patients on the surgical list.

Susan has been coming down for several years and always works with Sylvia, one of the dentists here in Montellano.  Susan brought Lyn, her husband, for the first time and they are sponsoring Jefferson's surgery. He was born with a cleft palate but not a cleft lip, which is rare. We are thankful that Susan and Lyn have the opportunity to meet Jefferson and his mom.

Soon it was Jefferson's turn to go to the operating room.  This is Jefferson a few minutes after surgery and he returned to the post-op area.

Jefferson's mom with him.................

and then it was time to return to the other bed.

This is Milton and he enjoys wearing his surgical cap.

Patricia getting Milton ready to be held by his mom.


Milton's parents getting ready to take him back to his own bed. Milton's surgery is sponsored by Doris and Beverly.

This is Wildredo, his mom and Glenna.  This is Glennas first time to Guatemala and we hope that she will return.  Her husband is Dr. Dwayne and he is one of our plastic surgeons.

Elizabeth carrying Victor around and entertaining him. He really liked her stethoscope so he may study medicine someday!

Sheila is still not sure about us.She just sees no need in being social.

Barbara and Patricia working the immediate post-op area.  Reviewing the orders for Barbara's patient.

I was standing in the nurses area today and this lady asked me my name.  When I told her who I was, she said, "Then I think it is because of you that I am on this trip!"  So of course that made me curious.  Mary heard about Health Talents through a mutual friend, Tonya.  Tonya and I worked together for many years at Forsyth Medical Center in Winston Salem.  Mary said that I had emailed her about the work about three years ago and here she is today!  Thank you for coming Mary and we hope to see you next year......and bring Tonya with you :)

Yesterday, Rodelfo had a frenectomy.  He was doing very well so he was able to go home this afternoon.  He will return on August 14th to be seen in Clinica Caris.

Javier is ready for surgery in the morning.  We hope that he and his mom rest well tonight.  Tomorrow Javier, Wilfredo and Victor will have their surgeries.

Tomorrow is another day........and another adventure!

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Mom said...

What a beautiful blog, Sheri!!!!!! The babies are beautiful and soooo precious!!!! I LOVE the story about, Mary!!!!! We just never know, do we? Amazing!!!!!!!!