Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tuesday and the Surgeries Continue

OK, we are on the second full day of surgeries!  This is what the preop area looks like before the patients start lining up for their preop care.  They have their IVs inserted here, anesthesia talks with each one to be sure that everything is done correctly and all of the patients questions are answered. Then before as they take the walk to the operating room, we pray with the patients. Darin, is our chaplain this week.  Here is is sitting with Kathleen, Jason and a patient.

This is the first baby of the day, Victor!  His surgery is being sponsored by the Mt. Vernon High School Spanish Class, in Indiana.

Barbara recovered Victor after his surgery.

When Victor was beginning to wake up, he was placed in his mother's arms.

Javier, having his last meal before his surgery.  His surgery is sponsored by Ginny and Jack.

Javier and his mom in the preop area.

Javier being brought out by Gordon.

Javier's mom waiting for Javier to fully recover.

Wilfredo waiting before his surgery. 

Wilfredo ready to head back!

Unfortunately, we could not get Wilfredo intubated so we will bring him back in February and try again.  It was a disappointment to the patents, which we fully understand but it is better to wait.

Sheila was the last baby to have her surgery today.  Her mom bathing and preparing her.  Sheila's surgery is sponsored by Jessie and Don.

Sheila did very well and was soon back in her mother's arms.

Jefferson had his palate repaired yesterday and is already playing.

Tracy with one of the patients before his discharge.

We had a busy day with 17 patients.  Everyone did well post-surgery.

At the end of the day, we pray for each one by name.  We are thankful that their surgery went well and ask continual healing, pain management and a safe return to their home......................then we get some rest and do it all over again!!

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