Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Almost Time to Head to Chichi

Tonight we went to sing with the patients.  I grabbed a few photos since it is hard to get everyone during the day when there is so much activity. 

Hilda and her mom strolling around the recovery area.

Victor and his mom just chillin' for the night.

Milton still does not care for us too much.

Javier is usually on the edge of crying.

Sheila and Jefferson are out, running around somewhere. 

Tomorrow morning the vans will come to take the families back home. Kemmel will come and get me too.  It has been a good week and we stayed busy. I will try to get one more set of photos tomorrow.

1 comment:

Mom said...

I wonder what goes through their little minds. To be in such a strange place with all those strange looking, pale people!!!!! :) In a few years, they will understand and be soooo thankful !!!!!!