Saturday, August 5, 2017

Time For Sugeries

We left Chichi at 10 am this morning.  Two vans are driving the babies to Montellano today.  The group from the states will arrive a little later in the evening.

Clinica Ezell is quiet now.  There are no patients but the staff are very diligent in their preparation for the week. We may have 60-70 surgical patients.

Eva has prepared all of the patient folders.  The consults will start this evening and it is a time of hustle-and-bustle.

This is Rita and she plays a significant role during the week.  She translates for patients and prepares them for their discharge.  She assures they have the medications that they need, that they understand when to take them and also schedules their post-op visits.  She lives in Antigua and her husband Carry, always works in the sterilization room.

It is hard to catch all of the babies at their bed.  It is very hot in Montellano so the parents spend a lot of time outdoors in the shaded areas.

This is Roldelfo and his mom.  He will have surgery tomorrow.  Jeanie is on this trip and she will sponsor his frenectomy.

This is Wilfredo and he will have surgery on his hand.  Frank and Evelyn will be sponsoring his surgery.

This is Sheila and I did not want to wake her.  She is not always camera-friendly.  Her palate will be repaired this time and Angie is sponsoring this surgery.

Milton is ready for his palate repair and that will be sponsored by Doris and Beverly.  The children who are having their palate done this time, were here last August to first have their lip surgery.

This is Victor and he will have his lip surgery done and the sponsor is the Mount Vernon High School Spanish Class.,

Hilda is more comfortable this trip than she was last August.  Her palate repair will be sponsored by Jessie and Don.

It has been a long day for everyone.  The babies have traveled for almost four hours. Many people in the group have been traveling since 3am.

Please pray that everyone arrives safe and that the surgeries go well.  This is a very seasoned medical team but we never want to forget where our true strength and talent comes from................and to Him be ALL of the glory!


kmburns74 said...

Oh how I miss this! I pray for safe and successfully surgeries for all of these babies❤️

Mom said...

I wish I were there too!!!! I know it's, HOT, but I love it there!!!! I don't remember those benches. I am praying for the babies and their families. This must be very hard on the mothers!!!!!