Sunday, August 6, 2017

"Moving help in room two, please!"

This morning we all walked across the street to worship with the Montellano Church of Christ. Carlos had a very good message on Fighting For the Faith.  We always enjoy our time with the Montellano congregation, as we worship and praise God, while encouraging each other.

When we finished, we returned to the clinic and had a meeting with a Dr. Walter.  That was followed by a lunch, which was awesome.  Then there was a meeting of the nurses and care-givers with Darlene and Kathleen.

One of the first surgeries was Rodelfo, who needed a frenectomy.  Jeanie sponsored this surgery so she spent a little time with Roldelfo and his mom before the surgery. Jeanie is working in one of the operating rooms this week.

I sat with the mother during the surgery, which did not take long.

After about an hour, Rodelfo was ready to return to his bed.

Barbara, who is a nurse, was able to get her hospital schedule changed in the last minute so she could make the trip down.  We are so glad that she was able to do this, since we were a nurse short.  The baby below is Victor and he has a cleft lip and palate.  Barbara's daughter, Kristi, is a Spanish teacher and her Spanish Class is sponsoring Victor's surgery. Unfortunately, Kristi is not able to be with us this week but we will get her back down here soon!

It was a short OR day but everything went well.  Tomorrow, we will have breakfast at 0700, surgeries beginning at 0800--------a full day.  We will end the day with dinner and a devotional time, thanking God for all that has been done and His continual blessings on this week.

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