Wednesday, August 9, 2017

And the Excitment Continues!

Yesterday afternoon, we had a refreshing rain.  I love it when it rains in Montellano because it smells clean and brings the temperature down, so it is tolerable.  There was a lot of lightening and thundering.  The electricity went out several times but we have a generator that kicks in since we have patients in surgery.

Jeanie gave me permission to post this because I did not want to break any HIPPA regulations.  We do not have HIPPA here, that I am aware of but it is nice to know that you have consent.  In the afternoon, Jeanie was not feeling very well. She works in the OR and they have had some long Jeanie wanted to get a little rest. We went to an air-conditioned room and increased her fluids.

Before long, we had to start charging admission! People were bringing us drinks and offering I just need to remind the people that were charged for the admission, you can send it to my state-side address and I also accept credit cards.  Rita and Darling popped in and helped me take blood pressures since I have forgotten how to do them.............but we were thankful that Jeanie was feeling better and back in the OR today.

Elizabeth, one of the nurses painting the fingernails of the patients.  They love a little extra attention.

Victor is loving the popsicles.  He is very content today and is being shared among the staff.

Hild and her mom are exhausted..........they can not walk any farther.

Tracy taught one patient how to play a form of solitaire.

Kristin gets to spend a little time with Victor.

Today is a lighter OR day.......we should be done at a good hour.

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Mom said...

I won't comment on all the blogs, they are soooo good and show the love that the people have there!!! It also shows that all mother's love their babies!!!! By the way, the credit cards have started coming in so if you can't reach me at home, I'll be off on some exciting island, enjoying myself. Thank you all so very much!!!!!!!