Monday, July 31, 2017

Clinic in Lemoa with Eastside Church of Christ

We had breakfast this morning at Hotel Santo Tomas and then we headed out.

One group went to the Chichicastenango Church of Christ.  They brought several books and some educational materials.  Their focus will be reading this week and primarily helping the mothers understand.  Many parents are not able to read and therefore when their children need assistance, they are unable to help them.  We have seen many changes in the last few years.  Children are staying in school longer, many are able to go to high school or college and now are growing taller than their parents.  Very good changes!

Another group of us went to Lemoa to hold our normal Monday clinic. We finished with thirty-three medical patients, twelve dental cleaning, plus the patients that both dentists saw.

Teresa cleaning and getting ready to bust all day!  This girl works very hard and you can tell that she really enjoys the opportunity to work for Health Talents.

Everyone getting out of the trucks and waiting for instructions.

These guys are getting ready to work.................gotta come up with a plan first!

Gaspar with one of our patients. The guys were so dirty at the end of the day.  Tomas even wore the hat that he bought last Thursday!

Some of the ladies watching the guys getting organized.......then they headed inside to do the twelve dental cleanings.

Happy to be here and ready to start cleaning teeth!

Kemmel on the phone......this is normal that his phone rings twenty-two hours a day.

These guys are busy with the carpentry..........

......but not too busy to give me a smile!

Now on the other side, we are getting a little dirty :(

One more photo at the end of the day!

It was a good clinic.  I saw two pregnant ladies, several diabetics, two patients that have cataracts, one boy with bronchitis and a couple people that have bad nerves.

One of our friends left this morning at 0530 for Zona Reina.  She has just arrived after an eleven hour drive!  Jennifer is a physical therapist and works with ASELSI.  I have been to Zona Reina twice and LOVE it!!  I know.........that it is hot, there is no water, many places do not have electricity and you have to bathe in the river but I LOVE it!  Safe travels Jennifer and we will see you when you return to Chichi.

Lush and beautiful Zona Reina.

Tomorrow, we will have a medical/ dental clinic and also teach reading again.  Kemmel said he would let me know what I need to do will be a wonderful adventure!