Friday, July 21, 2017

Clinics in Chichicastenango and Mactzul I

One thing about the work I do, I am never bored.  I work with several different people and I enjoy our time together.

On Thursday morning, Kemmel brought the truck over and told me that several roads were closed due to people protesting the conditions of the roads and highways. Some of my co-workers could not get to their scheduled clinic so we had to improvise.

Kristi is still with us so we met Tomas and Martina at the church in Chichi.  We quickly set up clinic and were ready to go. We saw one gentleman that has severe kidney issues.  He is going to bring some lab work to us in Lemoa on Monday and hopefully we will be able to help him.

On Friday, we had clinic in Mactzul I.  We only had seven patients so we were able to walk around the area some.  This is one of the views from the clinic.  It was a beautiful day.

We saw a three year old girl with Hepatitis A.  I felt very bad for the parents, as they had taken her to see a physician and he had given them two different types of vitamins.  They were told that one of them would clean her liver.  He also told them to give her honey every day so they brought it to the clinic to ask us what we thought.  We also found that she has an urinary tract infection so we treated her for that.  She will return in 2 weeks for a follow-up visit.

We also saw a lady in her 70's that had been hospitalized in Xela for a heart attack. They were suppose to return after she was discharged but did not go since they did not have the money.  I hope that they will come to Lemoa on Monday and we will do an EKG and go from there.

Kristi and I plan on heading to Panajachel tomorrow.........just to see what we can see and to have more adventures!

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Mom said...

Hi, you make me think of the bear who went over the mt. to see what HE could see. LOL Wonderful blog, as always!!!!! Keep us posted on the little girl, I'm not a Dr. but to give her honey,,,,my, my!!!! I hope the man returns and you can help him, also!!!! Praying for all of them!!!!!