Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Clinic in Patzite

Today we had clinic in Patzite with Tomas, Enrique, Martina, Aura and Kristi.  When we arrived we had a line of patients waiting for us and the majority was patients were there to see dental.  Aura is very competitive on who has the most patients and of course, I also am competitive.

These two young girls were with their family.

This is the view from where we saw patients.  We finished with eight medical patients and I think dental had twelve.

Kristi taking a photo of the view.

In the room off of where we see patients, the church stores all of their supplies for cooking when they have a large gathering.

Kristi decided she wanted to be a hostess today.

I always have said that I am headed for trouble when I get bored..........so then Kristi wanted to show me how she carried things on her head when she was a child in St. Lucia. What a talented woman!

These are the pots that they cook tamalitos in.  They are huge!

It was a very good day.  A lady returned that I saw in June. She is studying to be a chef and had cut the end of her thumb last month.  She came to clinic so I could take out her stitches. Today, the brought an ultrasound that shows polycystic ovarian syndrome.

We had a few diabetics but nothing really out of control.

We enjoyed a lunch with chicken soup, tamalitos and a warm peach drink.  We headed back to Chichi after we had seen all of the patients.

Tomorrow, we will head to Chajbal and hope to see a lot of patients.

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