Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Clinic in Chajbal

Today, we had to rearrange our plans due to parades in Chichicastenango.  Manuel, Enrique, Andrea, Micaela, Kristi and I finally made it to clinic and quickly prepared for patients.  Enrique led us in prayer before we started seeing patients.  This is one of my favorite times of the day........when we ask God for knowledge and to bless all of the patients.  We know that God hears and answers our prayers.  The creator of the universe takes time to hear our requests.

After clinic, Kristi and I met three of my friends in Chichi.  They are Jennifer, Carol and Shes and they all work at ASELSI.  Carol is a nurse and Jennifer and Shes are physical therapists.  Jennifer now has a car so she was able to drive us to a restaurant called Vieja Molida.  I had not been there before but I have heard that it is good.

The parking lot is very large and we were the only people there.  Later a huge bus pulled in with about twenty-five people.  I think the waitress was very nice but I think that she was feeling overwhelmed.

There is a large outside area where you can enjoy eating and it is decorated very nice.

I really liked this peacock.  I remember a few years ago when Katy F. was here in Chichi and she bought a peacock in a store.  She like some of the feather on one and some of the feathers on others so when we explained to the owner what she wanted, he allowed her to take the peacocks apart and basically build one that she liked!  He then took it apart and wrapped it very good for transportation to The States.

While we were waiting for our food, we got a little chilly so a gentleman brought out this huge gas heater and placed it by our table.  I thought it was very pretty but no one wanted their photo taken so I complied and asked everyone to put their head down..........they minded well!!

That is about all of the events today.......................tomorrow, we will be ready to see a lot of people in Lemoa.  The week has passed by very quickly but it has been good.


Mom said...

And I thought they were such good people that they were praying. Reminds me of you when I would get a camera out:):):) Great blog, as always!!!!

Sheri said...

Thank you, Mom!!