Monday, July 17, 2017

Surgical Babies!!

Wow, life has passed quickly the last two months!  When I left Guatemala, we were in the middle of the MET Program and then I spent about three weeks with my parents in Ft. Myers.  We had a blast and we started celebrating early their 60th wedding anniversary........I hope they continue to celebrate until the official date in September :)

For the next two weeks, Kristi will be with us in Chichicastenango.  She has taken time from her schedule to spend the next few days helping me "polish" my Spanish.  We will enjoy the days going to clinic and working with the other members of Health Talents.

It is time to get back to work........well, it does not seem like work since I enjoy what we do.  It is time to get babies ready for surgery in August.  Today, we saw seven babies that will make the trip with us that will change their lives in many ways.  The parents are somewhat nervous but that is normal...........we will continue to pray that all goes well.

This is Javier and he is 1 year and 7 months.  He had his lip repaired in August 2016 and now it is time for his palate repair.  His surgery will be sponsored by Ginny and Jack.

This is Jefferson and he will also have his palate repaired.  He is one year and 4 months old and his surgery will by sponsored by Susan and Lyn.

This is Wilfredro and he is 9 months and has syndactyly.  The 3rd and 4th fingers on his right hand need to have surgery and we are thankful that Dr. Fulks will be with us in August. Evelyn and Frank will sponsor this surgery.

This is Sheila and she will be returning to Clinica Ezell with us.  She had her lip repaired last year and now it is time for her palate surgery.  She is now 9 months and her surgery will be sponsored by Angie.

 This is Rodolfo and he is 3 years old.  He will have a frenectomy done and Jean will sponsor his surgery.  He is really an out-going child and will win the hearts of many nurses.

This is Milton and many will remember him from last year.  He is now 1 year and 10 months and we will do his palate repair.  Beverly and Doris will sponsor his surgery.

This is Victor and he is a new patient for us.  He will have his lip repaired in August.  His parents are very young, in fact, too young to sign the surgical papers. So Sebastian from the church, signed the papers and assumed responsibility.............what an act of kindness in behalf of Victor and his parents.  The Mt. Vernon High School Spanish Class in Indiana is sponsoring Victor's surgery.

After clinic, Kristi entertained Andrea.  She is the daughter of Manuel, one of the guys that translates for us when groups visit.

Everyone will travel to Ezell on August 5th and the group from The States will also arrive this day.  Please pray for safe travels and succesful surgeries.  We will continue to give God all of the glory and hope that the families will have a closer relationship with Him.


kmburns74 said...

This is wonderful Sheri! What an amazing day. I'm so thankful these babies are ready for their surgeries!

Jamie said...

As part of the Mt. Vernon Spanish club, I am thrilled that we get to sponsor Victor! I look forward to more updates. :)

Susan Jordan said...

Lyn and I are blessed and honored to be able to sponsor sweet Jefferson! Getting to meet him in just a few days is just icing on the cake! :-) xo