Thursday, July 27, 2017

Clinic in Lemoa

We started this morning off with our devotion and prayer.  There were several requests and also a pray of thanksgiving.  A church that Gaspar had started in Chicabracan has taught some others and they have been baptized.  We know the angels rejoice when this takes place.  We are very thankful for Gaspar and his willingness to travel and to teach the gospel.

Lisa and I saw 33 patients today. Kristi was with me for the last clinic during her visit.  I have learned a lot of her and want to continue to improve my Spanish.  Thank you, Kristi.

We saw Brayon today and he was born with a cleft-lip and palate.  He is thirteen months old and is full of energy!  His mom and aunt brought him in to see if we could help him. The answer to that question is yes but the problem is that I have heard the schedule in the August clinic is full.  I really struggled with this because I know he is ready for surgery.

So, Brayon will return to see us later in the year and he will be part of the February plastic surgeries.

After we finished clinic. we cleaned and organized things.  Tomas,is someone who likes to buy toys.  We tease him a lot because when we have clinic in Chichi, he always stops and buys something in the streets after lunch.  It can be something electronic, cats, shoes, tape........whatever interests him that day!  This afternoon, he was showing us his new hat and what he bought to dig with.  He is a lot of fun and is always good to work with.

After clinic, Kristi and I went through the market go get a few last minute things she wanted to take home.  I teased her about the amount of string she has purchased.  This was her second shopping trip for string............the colors are amazing and the fabric is very pretty.  She is going to make a table runner and napkin sets to hold the forks, knifes and spoons.  Very creative!

Tomorrow, we will head for Antigua.  We will spend the night there and then go to the airport on Saturday.  Saturday afternoon, the Eastside Church of Christ will arrive and be with us for a week. This is the sponsoring congregation for Lisa and Kemmel. They will be helping teach reading skills to some of our ABC Children.  It will be another week of adventures :)

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Mom said...

Beautiful pic. Such pretty colors!!!! I feel so bad that Brayon has to wait. Please keep us posted on him. I know that Kristi has had a wonderful time!!!! I hope that she returns!!!!