Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Clinic in San Jorge

This morning, I met Nick and Andrea in front of Hotel Santo Tomas and we headed to San Jorge.  Nick is a 3rd year medical student and Andrea is an ICU Nurse.  They are here with us for a week and helping out in the clinics.

We stoppped and picked up Martina and Micaela in Sepela and then met Tomas, Enrique and Aura in Quiche.

San Jorge was as hot as usual!  We took turns running to the store across the street to buy Coke, water and Gatorade.

This is Nick with one of the patients.  She is not want to take deep breaths so her mom is on the side coaching her along.

We saw one young lady with a 6/6 heart murmur.  This is the third patient that I have run across this month with a significant murmur.  She was suppose to be seen in the capital a few years ago but never went.  We talked about posibilities, so we will see in May what she and her family thinks.

Before we left the clinic, I noticed that a tire was looking low. I was told the closest place was about 15 minutes back toward Quiche.  We just drove slow and made it there without any problem.  We could not find a reason for the leak so the guy told me that probably someone had played with the stem and let the air out. I guess that is a I gave him the dollar that he wanted and we were on the road again!

As soon as we got back on the road, Micaela passed out.  I think that Aura and Martina just worked her too hard! At least she had a soft shoulder to lay on.

Nick and Andrea will fly back to The States tomorrow.  We pray that they have safe travels and will return for another visit!

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