Friday, May 1, 2015

Where Are My Friends???

I had posted photos of my new neighbors a couple of weeks ago.  There were three baby goats that were living across the street from my house.  Yes, those are the same neighbors that I THOUGHT were sheep until my dad corrected my error :)

So, about 2 weeks ago, I heard the goats being brought into our yard.  I THOUGHT that they were going to be bathed, silly me, but instead they were going to be killed!  I will spare you the gross details of the event...............but it emotionally scarred me. This is the goat that is left and I am sure he is now aware that his life on this earth is limited.

The next time that I hear the sound of the shears, I am headed on the first bus to Panajachel!

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Gwen Schnell said...

Oh man what an experience! How sad for those goats. Boo Hoo. They were very nice nieghbors at one time. Enjoy the one that is left. Hugs.