Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Clinic in Xepol

I met Enrique this morning near my house and we made our way to Xepol.

Lisa, Sarah and several others traveled today to Xejox for an IVAA/ Pap clinic.  It is a 2-2.5 hour drive so they all left early this morning.

When we arrived in Xepol, we noticed that there was a few kilometers of new water tubing that had been layed out on the side of the road.  As we approached a place where we needed to turn, the tube crossed over the road but had some metal placed over it.  Enrique hopped out of the truck to be sure we could cross over it.

There was a gentleman standing in the road.  He said it was fine to drive over and then asked if he could ride with us to the clinic.  He had been sick for a couple of weeks and wanted some medicine.  "Sure!" we said and he jumped in the truck.

We saw this patient first and he had prostrate problems.  He had been to the hospital and they had put in a catheter but then removed it.  We talked about his options and then he asked if he could return to Chichi with us.  He said he would wait until we finished clinic.

He was an interesting character!  He told me that he had heard that if a person did not marry, it was a sign that the person was crazy..........and as he said this, he tapped his head! I almost laughed!  Then he asked me for medicine to help him stop thinking so much........he said he just thinks and thinks and can't stop it.  As I said, he was just interesting!

This mother brought her baby in...............very sweet!

So, as we were packing up, our new friend hopped in a tuk-tuk so we guessed he had changed his mind about riding with us to Chichi.

On the way home, I was telling Enrique about my conversations with this gentleman.  I said, "Enrique, this guy has heard that people who do not marry are crazy, "loco!"    Enrique, who knows I am not married, said in his quite manner, "Maybe just a little, Sheri" as he held up his fingers to show me just a little..........and then he busts out laughing!!!  Then, I think I bruised his arm! It was pretty funny!

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Mom said...

Interesting and funny blogs, Sheri!!!!! I can't stop laughing!!!! Can't decide which is more funny. You being crazy because you are not married or getting on a bus when they decide to kill your I could say soooo much more but I'll spare you.....:)