Saturday, May 23, 2015

Clinic in Chuchipaca

It is a good thing that clinics are not a competition..........because I would loose!  We had a good number of patients today in Chuchipaca but not the record numbers that Lisa and Sara have had.

Chuchipaca has continued to do well and we are thankful for that.  Manuel, Cecy and I enjoyed clinic together and saw fourteen patients.

This young boy was our last patient of the day. I joked with him about the tatoo he had on his arm.  His mom was so serious about it, in making sure that I was aware that it was a temporary tatoo.

He was very willing to have his photo taken!  He has not mastered yet,  "The Guatemalan smile."
Look at those nice teeth!

Tomorrow I will head to Quiche for worship and then spend the day cleaning and doing laundry.  Sometimes it is nice to have a day just to relax but yet get a lot of things done.

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Mom said...

Love the blogs, Sheri!!!!! That little boy does have beautiful teeth!!!!!