Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Chutzurob.......Many Reasons to Give Thanks!

This morning, Sandra met me at Lisa and Kemmels and we headed out to Chutzurob.  We eventually picked up Maria, Maury, Cesar and made it to clinic.  The pews were full when we arrived and that is a wonderful site to see!

We had several new patients and that is encouraging.  It is nice to have content patients who encourage their family and friends to come and see us.

In October, we had a young lady and when I examined her, I found a large mass.  I asked her to get an ultrasound and return but she never did.  When I have asked about her, I have been told that the ultrasound was normal and there was nothing wrong.

Today as we were driving to clinic, her mother was walking to clinic so she rode with us the remainder of the way. I asked about her daughter and she told me that her daughter had a 12 pound cyst removed in November by the surgeon in Chichicastenango!  She is so thankful, as we are, that her daughter is much better!

We have been following a lady, Marta, during her pregnancy...........................and today we met Angela!  She was warm and content.......

but she did not mind when I examined her.

Several diabetic patients came today. Most of them were controlled but there is still some work to be done.

Lisa and Kemmel will return today with the MET Students.  They will be with us for about five weeks.  Half will be with us, while the other half remain in Montellano. In a couple of weeks, they will change places to experience both cultures.

They will live with different families, travel with us to clinics, help see patients and learn about life here in Guatemala.  They have many adventures ahead of them!

Lisa and Kemmel have started posting photos at     www.kemmelandlisa.blogspot.com
Please check out their photos and stories.

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Gwen Schnell said...

What an amazing recount of things! How exciting to work and help people physically and well as spiritually! Wow. That mass turned out really amazing. So glad it had been taken out and wow you normally don't find a cyst that grows so large. I know we in the USA usually have a better awarness of our health than those over where you are. That is a lot why there is such a huge need for all you do.
The baby was a sweet surprise! How fun.
We just got done with Vacation Bible School. It was great but now to follow up. I had 11 students for 3 days. they all learned their memory verses and we had perfect attendance every day. Now all my visual aids are put away and are being saved for another time of use. All but my Bible ha. I use it all the time.
I pray all is well with you. Keep up the great work and so happy you have those coming to look forward to. Love you much, In His service, Gwen