Friday, May 22, 2015

Clinic and a New Toy!

We had a good cliinic in Mactzul I today.  I was there with Manuel, Cesar, Sandra and Maria.

One lady came and said that her mother had surgery at Buen Samaritano in Chichi and she is doing well.  One other gentleman came and he will need surgery so we will work with him. Another lady came today that we use to always see in Mactzul VI, due to poor circulation in ler legs and open sores.  Today, she looked the best I have ever seen her!  She has some scars on her legs but she has healed well.

A new phone, means a new camera.......and a new toy.

This is the first photo I took with the phone.  Sandra and Maria, working with a patient.

I needed a new photo app so when I downloaded the program, I played with Maria's photo.

Now, I need to reload all of my ringtones again............always something to do!

Tomorrow, Manuel and I will head to Chuchipaca for clinic.  That clinic has really grown so I am expecting a good crowd!

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Mom said...

Sheri,I hope that Maria didn't mind being framed!!! :)