Thursday, May 21, 2015

Where is My Cell Phone??

Ok, how important is your cell phone?

If you were to ask me this question last week, on a scale of 1 to 10, I would have probably said, "Three to four."  My opinion has changed.  I would now say, "Twelve."

Last Sunday, after worship I went to get my hair cut. As I got on the van to come back to Chichi, I would not find my phone.  I know that I had it when I left services because I put it in my Bible bag......and then it was gone. 

I am not one to text people all of the time nor do I always have it in my hand but I did not realize how lost I would be without it.  It's alarm wakes me every morning, the music I have loaded puts me to sleep at night, I had medical info that I access during clinics, the calculater is used several times a day, it serves as my modem for my laptop, it is my camera and besides all of is a phone.

I found one in Quiche on Monday and purchased it...... but it had a kink it in so I had to return to make an adjustment.

Now, I am up and running again.......and rebuilding my contact list :)

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