Monday, June 1, 2015

Babies for surgery!

This last week has just flown by!  Last Thursday we had 35 medical patients in Caris.

On Saturday, we had English Class in Chichi..  There were 12 students and the participation was excellent!

Today, we saw 6 babies for surgery in August.  One will have to wait until February for his palate surgery but hopefully, these 5 babies will head to Montellano! we go!!

This is Emerson and he is 11 months old.  He had his lip surgery in Guatemala City last year so now he is ready for his palate surgery.

This is Emerson and his mom. She is a sweet lady and is ready to get this second surgery done with!

This is Juan and he is 6 months old.  He will have to gain 2-3 pounds but I think that he can do it!

Juan and his parents........if we are able to do his lip surgery in August, he will be able to have his palate surgery in August of 2016.

This is Jorge!  He is almost 2 years old.

He will be in the same situation as Juan, so these families will get to spend time together for two years!

This is Angel and he is 1.5 years old.  He does have an angelic look to him :)

Here he is with his parents.  He had his lip surgery last year in Guatemala City.

This was the last baby of the day and he was just all over the room!  His name is Felipe and he is a very content baby.

He did not like to have his photo taken at all.........

All of these babies are from ASELSI, a clinic that is close to where I live.  Carol, a nurse, who works at ASELSI gave me the contact information and I called everyone last week.

I have sponsors for all of the babies.  Once I can confirm that the baby will have surgery, I will contact that person so they can know who and what family that they are helping!

The babies will return on July 13th with their lab work.  If all looks good, we will sign the papers and prepare to head to Montellano on August 1st.  Please pray that everything goes well and that the team of health care providers have safe travels!

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Mom said...

Sheri, I am in love with THE Angel!!!! But, they are all precious!!!! I pray that they all will do well !!!!!