Sunday, June 14, 2015

Time in Antigua

This weekend, I spent some time in Antigua.  I went for a few different things and accomplished all that I had planned on.

Jane and Joe have been good friends for several years.  They have a ministry here in Guatemala called Evelyn's Baskets.  They help supply the needs of children who are born with cleft lips and palates until they are able to have surgery.  They were in Antigua for about an hour on Saturday morning and I was able to catch up with them for a cup of coffee and get more supplies.

This is Jane and Joe preparing to head to Antigua. 

We did not have time for photos in Antigua so I "stole" these from their page.

It was good seeing you guys and thanks again for the supplies!  I will keep you posted on the babies that will have surgery in August. 

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Mom said...

I knew that I had seen those pic. before:) So glad you got to see them for a little while!!!!