Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Clinic in Chuicaca

We left Chichi this morning about 0730 and made our way to Chuicaca.

Mike and Julie are back with us for a few weeks.  It is exciting to take them with us to clinics and they always add some fun stories.

We had a small clinic of about 7 patients.  Manuel and Mike thinking about what medicine to use for one of our regular patients.

Since we had a little free time before lunch, we started playing with ring tones and photos for our phones.  This is Julie and she sang her own ring tone for me!  Thanks, Julie!

Then Manuel let me take a photo to identify his call.  We took about 5 before we had one that he approved of :)

We got Celsi's photo on the second shot.

Then we did a group shot with Tomasa, Julie and Sandra.  I was able to crop Tomas' and Sandra's photo from here.

About 1 pm, we were told it was time for lunch.  The afternoon rain had started and we were not able to leave the building.  When it eased up a little, Manuel backed the trucks inside enough to remain dry as we packed.

We enjoyed a lunch of chow mien.  Faustine mentioned us doing an IVAA class in July.  I told him that we would have to wait until August but I am still willing to do it.  We will see what happens.

Yes, it is almost time to visit my parents in FL.  Last year we had a great time relaxing and I think it will be the same this year.  Sally will be down for three nights and it will be good to see her too. The time will pass very quickly but we will savor every moment :)


Mom said...

Great pic. and blogs, Sheri!!!! I will sing you my ring Can't wait to see you!!!!!!!!!!!! 10days,6 hours and 45 min. to go!!!!!

Sheri said...

Mom, you better be warming up your voice for your ring tone!! See you guys soon :)