Friday, April 24, 2015

The School That is No More

Well........this is where the school USE to be!  Today was the second time this week that there has been some serious changes.  I pulled up to the area, looked at the people in the truck and we wondered what was missing.

This is a photo that I "stole" from Lisa and Kemmel's blog.  This is the old school that had been standing here for years.

And after many years, this now is how it lies.

This is a photo of the side of the new school, when we joked about it being the junior high parking lot.

Now, all that is parked here is the tile from the old school building.

We had a good clinic today but it was a small one.

The sky is full smoke from several fires in the area.  We can definitely see four separate fires in the distance.  We are hoping that we get some rain soon.

One of Lisa's patients came that needs surgery.  She will be followed in Chichi for one of her surgeries on Sunday  For the second surgery, she will travel to Antigua.

As I was waiting for more patients this afternoon, I watched this man carry his firewood up the hill.  You can see how dry the fields are. What a struggle for this man.

When I talked to Lisa today, she told me that one of her patients died either yesterday or this morning.  She had been seeing her for several months and from time-to-time we would take medicine to her home. She is a Christian and had suffered a long time. I know that her family is sorrowful but Micaela is now at peace.  Please pray for this family as they deal with their loss.

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