Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Clinic in Chutzurob

We had clinic today in Chutzurob.............and what a clinic it was!

When we arrived, there were 17 patients waiting.  That is a very manageable number so I was not rushing at all.  When I finished with the 17, I had no idea that 10 more patients had arrived..........because of that, my time management skills were very poor today.

We have a new diabetic patient that is only 28 years old.  She was not aware that she has diabetes and had lost 35 pounds since January.  Last month was her first visit with us and her blood sugar was 304 but today it was 112.  I was so excited for her! She has gained a couple of pounds and feels much better!

We had two pregnant ladies that came for check-ups today.  I was a little nervous that one might deliver during the clinic, but whew............she did not :)  She is due in a day or two so she will probably have her new baby with her in May.

This mother brought her baby to clinic today........

They do not get much cuter than this.........

After clinic, we went to Lemoa to unload the truck.  As we arrived in Chichi, we got so excited to see that the pavement was slightly damp!  It had rained a little.  It is something that we need very badly. It smelled so good and the heat was steaming off the pavement.

Tomorrow, I will be in San Jorge.  Sarah will be going to Guatemala City so I will do her clinic :)  We will have a good day and I hope that we have a lot of patients.


Mom said...

Sheri, you have not brought home a baby for me yet!!!! I'll take the one in blue...he is adorable!!!!

Sheri said...

Mom, Mom, Mom.........I again think the mother would have a different opinion! :)