Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Do I Really Want Sheep?

Since moving to Guatemala, I have always wanted some sheep......one of my dream jobs it to become a shepherdess.  About a month ago, my neighbors brought three baby sheep home.  They were so little when they first arrived but they have grown quickly.

It use to be the cows, dogs, chickens and cats that would wake me up every morning........but now it is the sheep!  I guess I have learned to live with the cats jumping on my tin roof and hearing their nails slide around on it.  

I did not realize they could be so mischievous!  This one is pulling the clean laundry off the line!

We have restarted clinics after Semana Santa and so far, they have gone well.

It is nice to have Kemmel and Lisa back with us.  They were with the Eastside Church of Christ for a week on a mission trip. Welcome Back!

Sarah also went on a quick trip to visit her parents in El Salvador and she is also back! Welcome!

With everyone in place, we can accomplish more!


Mom said...

I'm glad everyone is back!!!! These goats are a good lesson on what "not" to wish for!!!! LOL

Kemmel and Lisa Dunham said...

Haha, Sheri!!!! You still need a little petting farm. :)

Gwen Schnell said...

I see goats around here in fences. Lots of baby goats. I suppose if they were running free it would be very strange. :)