Thursday, April 23, 2015

IVAA/ Pap Clinic in Patzibal

This afternoon, we had an IVAA/ Pap Class in Patzibal.  Sally, a friend of mine lives there and she has a clinic once a week.  She enjoys working with pregnant ladies and teaching the midwifes.

Today was exciting for me because Sandra translated for us into K'iche'.  She was in the ABC program and then continued to study to be a teacher.  She will soon have her teaching license and be able to work as a teacher.  She is also interested in continuing to study to be a dentist.

There were about 16 ladies in the class and before we finished, 11 had signed up for the clinic.  We will look at doing the clinic in August, after Sally and Erv return from visiting their family in The States.

I do not have a photo of us today but this is a photo of Sandra and I last October.  She has done very well and am so proud of her!

Sally and Erv, thank you for the invitation!  Have a great time with your family and when you return, we will sechdule the clinic.  Stay safe on your travels!


Mom said...

Great blog, Sheri!!! Sandra is also proud to have you as her mom!!!!

Gwen Schnell said...

Nice pictures! I am going to read more later and will comment soon. have a wonderful day! It was fun catting the other day on the computer.I enjoy seeing what is on the other side of the world. Thnaks for all your hard work. Hug you Mom for me when you see her. We chat some now and then as well. I am working on Vacation Bible School lessons for grades 3-4 right now.