Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Encouraging Clinic in Chuguexa

The clinic area was full when we arrived!! 

Enrique, Cecy and I quickly set up and started seeing patients.  This is the clinic that we have a large population of diabetic patients.  We saw 29 patients and 9 were diabetics.  What is so encouraging is that 11 of those patients were new to the clinic.  The word continues to spread...........

I was very pleased with the blood sugars.  One new patient was 491 last month and today she was 208.  Yes, she needs to improve some more but this is a good start for her.  One patient started a few months ago with a blood sugar of over 500 and today was 97.

We also had another new patient today that has been using a foley catheter for 3 years.  He goes once a month to Solola to have it changed.  He needs to have prostate surgery but the doctor in Solola told him that he is not healthy enough and would die if they attempted surgery.  This is not the best way to live but he is more comfortable. 

This was one of the little girls that we saw.  She did not mind the exam too much but she was ready to go when we finished :)

Tomorrow, we will have an IVAA/Pap class in Patzibal.  Sally, a friend of mine, has a clinic there and she has invited us to present this class. We will see how many ladies sign up for the clinic.

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