Sunday, April 12, 2015

OK, So I Am Not a Farm Girl!

As most people know, I was not raised on a farm, nor in a big I accept full responsibility of my last post!

It is not the first time that my dad has helped me with my animals.  Thank you, Dad!!

So the animals that are waking me up in the morning are goats and not sheep.

It reminded me of Matthew 5, where the goats will sent to the left and the sheep to the right.  I can probably say, it would not be safe for me to do the seperating!   Oh well..............

My parents proof-read my blogs and I do appreciate it.  Sometimes I make some pretty funny mistakes and I would like to keep the uproar to a minimum.  Thanks, Mom and Dad!

1 comment:

Mom said...

Ahhhhh Sheri!!!!! What a hoot...we are rolling on da floor!!!!!! Have not laughed this hard in a LONG time!!!!!!! We LOVE you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!