Monday, April 13, 2015

We Need Some Rain!

Today, we had clinic in Lemoa.  It was a good day with 23 or 24 patients and I think that Enrique had about 9 dental cleanings.

It was early afternoon when we noticed the air was full of smoke.  Kemmel called and told Tomas that we needed to drive the long way home because the forest was on fire near the clinic.

By the time we finished with patients and cleaned, the traffic on the road was much heavier so Tomas offered to go and talk to the firemen. They said that it  was OK to pass so we gave it a try.

Sandra was with me so she was able to take photos as we drove through.

In some places the fire was 3-4 feet high and on both sides of the road.  I felt bad for the firemen because they do not have any equipment to work with. As we drove, we could feel the heat from the flames.

Several kilometers were burned and continued to smolder.  It is just a rough time of the year since everything is so dry and it burns quickly.  I am surprised this does not happen more than it does when farmers burn their fields to prepare for planting.

We all made it home safe and it is just another story to tell from Guatemala............

Tomorrow, we will be in Xepocol.

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